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gluten-free food blog by tara a. murray

Gluten Free Restaurant

Gluten Free Dining

Due to the recent popularity of gluten-free accommodations, most restaurants ARE able to do gluten-free. HOWEVER, they are unable to be celiac-ok. Just because a restaurant has a gluten-free menu, doesn't mean it's truly gluten-free. As a gluten-free restaurant consultant and fellow celiac, I try my best to make sure a celiacs can fearlessly eat out. Enjoy the list below, and always check in for updates. The gluten-free world can change in a blink of an eye!

Amarillo - Celiac Ok

ALWAYS SPECIFY GLUTEN FREE/CELIAC & work with the manager.

Amarillo Club: work with staff

Escape for a bit from the chaos and enjoy fine dining at the Amarillo Club. They even accommodate meeting lunches; call ahead and let them know what organization you are a part of, and they will mark it as gluten free individual. From then on out, you will receive a special plate of chicken breast and veggies (no seasoning).

Embers: work with waiter & manager

Eat-Rite: the grill is safest for gluten free, be careful as a celiac.

Blue corn Turkey enchiladas with green sauce. (all is good on that (rice, salsa, beans, chips), sandwiches are cross contaminated by knife on wheat/gluten breads. The gluten free bread is toasted in its own toaster line, but it shares with other gluten bread.

Finish it off with a gluten free cookie from their bakery or frozen yogurt!


Specify celiac. Depending on the kitchen, they may only be able to do pepperoni & cheese.

They have separate oven for just gluten free pizzas. Pizza is pre-packaged from Udi's decreasing the risk of cross-contamination. All toppings and sauces are gluten free. Tip: Ask to build your own and write GLUTEN FREE across the top. They offer gluten free cider, beer and wine.

Indian Oven:'s buffet

If you are the first person in line, you can eat there. OR if they have not set out the naan bread. There is one dish gluten free and dairy free. I haven't had a reaction yet, but I do stay away from he dishes near their bread. Garbanzo beans and cornstarch are their thickener.

Joe Taco:

Stuffed avocado, fish, no rice or beans and substitute Veggies. Skinny margarita celiac ok.

Macaroni Joe's:

Mambo italiano! Gluten free pasta! Gluten free Menu!

You can't stress enough that you are a celiac.

Ask for gluten free menu. Depends on who the manager is while dining, just be careful.


What would I do without Pei Wei! Ask for gluten free menu.

Public House -

GREAT Gluten-free. The head chef's wife is a celiac. They don't even put bread on the table. Work with your waiter!

Real Food Cafe: 6th street

Savory crepes made with buckwheat flavor served with a fresh salad.

Ruby Tequila's:

Chicken breast fajita veggies; be extra cautious on corn tortillas and talk to the manager

Zinnia's Bakery:

100% gluten-free & celiac ok! I cried, happy tears. Enough said.




Orange Leaf: specified on web-site and store

Macaroni Joe's

Embers: Hazlenut tort

More restaurants coming to Amarillo soon…!

Gluten Free Dining

When dining gluten free, no restaurant can guarantee 100% non-cross contamination. Always be safe and talk with the manager. And know, there is a difference between a restaurant being gluten intolerant ok and celiac ok.

Want your Restaurant to be celiac ok?

Contact [email protected] today!